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About me

I'm Dânae, born and raised in Brazil, living in the city of São Paulo with my husband and 2 girls.

I am always ready to pack my bags and live new experiences in every corner of the planet.

It all started back in the '90s, when I was still in my late teens, and my best friend, whose parents had moved to Indonesia for work, invited me to visit her. ​

At that time (and still today), when Brazilians thought about their first solo international trip, the usual destinations were Western Europe, the United States, and Argentina. Until then, I didn't know or had never heard of anyone who had traveled to Indonesia for tourism, let alone a young single woman on a tight budget.

Saving here and there, working as I could, I managed to save some money and embarked on the journey that changed my outlook on life. I spent over 40 days backpacking in Southeast Asia, sometimes with my friend, sometimes alone, living extraordinary adventures. Even today, when I stop to think, I wonder if I was really in possession of my full mental faculties. ​

Not even a year passed, and there I was with another friend, on a bus heading to Bolivia, from where we continued on the then-famous "death train" to Peru. The 30 days we spent there, with unimaginable experiences of all kinds, solidified this wandering spirit that I have never been able to shake off (thank goodness!). ​

Some time later, I met Renato, and we have been together for more than two decades, sharing the desire to discover new places and collect adventures. We have visited more than 45 countries together and traveled extensively throughout Brazil. ​

With the arrival of our two daughters, we thought we would have to reduce (or worse, even stop!) our travels, especially to places off the beaten path. Sweet mistake. At 5 months old, our eldest took her first intercontinental flight, and as soon as the youngest turned two, we set off on our first international trip as a family of four. ​

So far, we have visited 28 countries as a family and embarked on numerous trips, long and short, to places nearby or far away.

We don't plan on stopping anytime soon. ​

It hasn't always been easy, and many times the reality turned out to be very different from what we had planned, but every moment, every challenge, every penny spent was worth it. ​

Here, I share our stories.

May they inspire you to pack your bags and check-in for your next family adventure.

To learn more about me and my passion for traveling with kids, check out my interview with Bess of the blog and Instagram account Pattons With Passports. It's part of her Travel Mom Series, The Discoverer Travel Mom: An In-Depth Interview.

about the blog

Friends and relatives would often ask me for tips about the places we traveled to and advice on how to travel as much as we do, to different places without breaking the budget.

In the beginning, I had everything in my head, but as time passed and the trips multiplied, the details started fading from my memory (which was never the best).

Foto de mulher em frente a lagos e montanhas. Torres del Paine, Chile

In 2022, I created the blog to document our best moments and have everything at hand when someone asked for a recommendation.

But, more than anything, this blog is a gift for my daughters. So that, decades from now, they can read these accounts and remember the moments we lived together. So they can discover events they may have forgotten and laugh at the challenges we faced. So they can retell these adventures to their own children, nieces, or friends. To inspire them with the courage and determination we had over the years.


The blog is this crazy mix of useful information and emotional memories.

Here, I share what we've experienced, the places we've visited, and the episodes (good or bad) we've had.


We pay for all our trips. We don't receive free accommodations, complimentary tours, we don't do press trips or receive any benefit or product for promotion on the blog. We don't ask for special treatment while traveling just because we're "bloggers" or "influencers." Therefore, we have no problem giving our honest opinion. Feel free to trust in our experience and our perspective.

Everything you read on the blog was written by me. There are no guest posts, and certainly no posts generated by AI.

Some people have told me that blogs are dead, that the focus now is on social media, and that artificial intelligence will soon put an end to the blogosphere. "Okay, that's fine with me." You can find me on Instagram, but what I really enjoy is writing on the blog. All my trips are planned with information I gather from travel blogs (and also from traditional travel guides, I love the Lonely Planet!). So, in a way, I see this blog as a way to give back to the blogosphere for all it has helped me with over the years.

On the blog, you will find affiliate links and some ads. If you choose to make a reservation or purchase using these links, the amount you pay will be the same, but a small portion of that amount will be reverted to us. This is important to help cover the costs of keeping this blog up and running.

Thank you for visiting us, and happy travels!

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