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Join us on our adventures around the world

stories &
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We love to travel. We've always loved.

The arrival of our two daughters motivated us even more to get to know the world and live new experiences together.

So far, we have visited 28 countries as a family (and some 20 only between the adults) and made countless trips, long and short, close by and far away. We don't plan to stop anytime soon.

It wasn't always easy, and the practice often turned out to be very different from what we had planned, but every moment, every struggle, every penny spent was more than worth it.

us in Nara, Japan

Latest posts

garota passeando de bicicleta por rua em Luang Prabang, Laos. Ve-se uma uma moto ao fundo, e um carro estacionado a direita

Here I share our stories

May they inspire you to pack your bags and check-in on your next adventure

What we use to plan our trips

Countries visited so far

World map, with countries collored, indicating countries visited, with and without kids

Brazilian States visited so far

selo ABBV
Brazil map, with most states colored, indicating states visited, with or withou kids

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