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Dânae em Lisboa, Portugal


Hi, I'm Dânae, born and raised in Brazil, mother of two girls. Always ready to pack and live new experiences, in every corner of the world.

It all started back in the 90s, when I was still practically a teenager, and my best friend, whose parents had moved to Indonesia for work, invited me to visit her. At that time (and even today), when Brazilians were thinking of a first solo international trip, the usual destinations were Western Europe, the United States and Argentina. I didn't know nor had I ever heard of anyone who had gone on tourism to Indonesia, let alone a solo young woman. Saving here and there, and working as I could, I got the money and set off on the trip that changed my way of looking at life. It was more than 40 days, backpacking, with my friend or alone, through Southeast Asia.

Not a year had passed, and I boarded with two friends, this time by bus, from São Paulo to Bolivia and Peru. The 30 days we stayed there, with all sorts of adventures, cemented this traveling spirit that never stopped.

A while later I met Renato, and we've been together for more than two decades, sharing the desire to discover new places and collect adventures. We have already visited more than 30 countries together, and travlled around most of part of Brazil.

With the arrival of our two daughters, we thought we would have to reduce (or worse, even stop!) from traveling back and forth, especially to places off the beaten track. Sweet mistake. At the age of 5 months, our eldest embarked on her first intercontinental flight, and as soon as the youngest was two years old, we left on our first international trip as a family of 4.

So far, we have visited 20 countries as a family and made countless trips, long and short. We don't plan to stop anytime soon.

It wasn't always easy, and the practice often turned out to be very different from what we had planned, but every moment, every struggle, every penny spent was more than worth it.

Here I share our stories, may they inspire you to pack your bags and check-in on your next family adventure.

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